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7 ways to use your car to make money

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Is your car an asset or a drain on your finances? You need fuel, maintenance, insurance and more to keep your car running, but with a little creativity, your car can actually make you money.

It doesn’t matter if your car is fresh off the production line or much older, there’s always something you can do to create an income. Here are seven ways to use your car to make money:

1. Drive for a Ridesharing Service – You can sign up with companies like Uber or Lyft and offer rides on-demand from customers. These services require drivers to have a car that is in good condition and has passed their minimum requirements.

2. Become a Delivery Person – You can sign up with companies such as Doordash, Instacart or Amazon Flex and deliver items on-demand from local stores or customers. This is great for making extra money on the side as you don’t need to commit to any set shifts or hours.

3. Offer Airport Runs – If you live near an airport, you can offer rides to travelers who are coming and going from the airport. You can either post your services online or simply wait outside the airport for people who have requested a ride. Note that in certain countries, you must be licensed as a taxi (or similar) to provide a service like this.

4. Rent Your Car – There are rental sites like Turo or Getaround that allow you to rent out your car while you’re away. This is great for making additional income as people will pay for the convenience of having a car when they need one.

5. Participate in Focus Groups – Market research companies often need drivers to get participants to their focus groups and you can use your car to do this. This is great for people who want to make extra money without having to drive around strangers.

6. Advertising – Place advertisements on your car to earn money. Companies like Carvertise and Wrapify connect drivers with brands for car advertising.

7. Mobile car washing – Start a mobile car washing business, and travel to people’s homes to wash their cars. You can market your services on social media or even with flyers in local neighborhoods.

These are just a few of the ways you can put your car to work and make money from it. With a bit of creativity and hustle, you could be earning extra income each month — all thanks to your car.