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Where Can You Buy Website Content?

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There are many places to buy website content from. You can buy it directly from a company, or you can buy it on the open market. But where is the best place to buy website content? There’s no one answer for that question because there are so many factors in play. This article will discuss some of the different ways you can buy content and what might be ideal for your business needs!

The Balance of Fast-Cheap-Good

If you’re looking for good quality content at a low price, and you want it quickly – you’re probably going to be out of luck.

When your priorities are fast/cheap/good, you’ll only ever be able to get two out of the three at once.

Fast and cheap? No problem – but it won’t be good.

Fast and good? No problem – but it won’t be cheap.

Good and cheap? No problem – but it won’t be fast.

With modern SEO techniques being shaped by the AI that is rapidly being added to search engines, the priority should be “good” – content that is easily understood and is relevant to your business. Whether you go for cheap or fast is a matter of personal preference!

But where can you buy website content?

Content Mills

Content mills like Textbroker and Copyblogger offer affordable copywriting services that can be bought by the article or on subscription basis. The quality isn’t always fantastic (grammar, spelling, and punctuation may cause issues) but the more you are willing to pay, the better it becomes.


There are a plethora of freelancers available on sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. The quality of the content can vary wildly depending on who you buy from, but it is generally more expensive than content mills.

This is because the writers often have a stronger reputation to uphold, whereas within a content mill there is the potential for a certain amount of anonymity. The content can be cheaper when bought in bulk – if you buy 10 pages at once, it can be much less than buying 1 page of content ten times.

Outsource to India

You may have heard that outsourcing work to India is a good way to cut costs. This can be true for many tasks, but outsourcing content writing work has not been shown to have any significant cost-cutting benefits. You may find similar prices on freelancing sites or in content mills, and the quality can vary tremendously.

A Content Writing Business

The best option is to buy content from a company that specializes in these services. You can buy packages of writing, or just buy a single page if you only need one. The quality will be better than the other options and there’s no risk of an employee making any mistakes because it’s all been written by professional writers.

At Strongbear, we’re proud of the quality of our writing and offer a range of reasonably priced writing services that will suit any project. For more information, please contact us with details of your project today.