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How do I advertise my website?

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Building a website is step one, but getting people to visit it has to be step two. A site without visitors will have no impact, won’t spread a message, and won’t make any sales.

One of the fastest ways to get people to your site is via advertising.

How Do I Advertise My Website on Social Media?

Advertising on social media comes in two forms. Simple posts that grow organically are a free option, or you can choose to use the paid-for advertising facilities available.

Twitter has a promoted tweets option, while Facebook advertising allows you to show custom-designed ads across Facebook, Instagram, and within the Messenger app.

Configuration is relatively straightforward. Once you have set up your ad account and payment method, you choose the target demographic, the tweet or post you want to promote (for which you can create specific text and images), set a budget and time limit for your campaign, and off you go.

Tracking options and analytics are available to help you understand the performance of your ad and indicate how you may be able to tweak it to get a better response.

How Do I Advertise My Website on Google and Other Search Engines?

Google and other search engines, such as Bing, offer advertising options to display your adverts within the search results. Advertising in this manner is usually based on keywords – you choose the words or phrases you want to match when people search using the appropriate site.

Some keywords cost more that others, and this is due to competition. There is great competition within the insurance market, so if you choose keywords related to insurance, you’ll pay more than almost any other topic.

It is worthwhile to choose keywords that are directly related to what you do. The search engine advertising tools often offer suggestions for keywords that may work for you.

How Do I Advertise My Website in Apps?

Adverts configured through the search engine and social media tools may appear within apps that use advertising. Networks that specialize in in-app advertising exist, but many are drawn from the Google Ads pool.

How Do I Advertise My Website on Other Websites?

Again, adverts appearing on websites may come from search engine advertising or social media platforms. Matching is often done via keywords present on the site showing the advert, or alternatively by tracking users with cookies.

This means that adverts can follow people as they navigate around the internet and through different apps. It is often said that people don’t take notice of an advert until it has been seen between 4 and 7 times, and this facility enables you to reach people with multiple instances of your advert.