15 Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online isn’t all about freelancing or selling affiliate products. There are hundreds of ways you can start to build an income online, and here are just a few.

1 – Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is a way of lending and borrowing money without using a bank. Websites match people with money to lend with those who want to borrow, so if you have some money to invest, it may be a good place to start. It is not without risk, but can bring a good return.

Check out Peerform, and LendingClub for more info.

2 – Create Apps or Software

If you have the skill to create an app or program, go for it! Useful tools or games always work well, and can often be given away for free if you include advertising space within the app.

3 – Developing websites

Designing complete websites or setting up WordPress sites for small businesses can be a lucrative form of income. Many businesses still aren’t online, while others have very outdated websites. Fix it for them!

4 – Start a local newspaper

Tell local stories that people will appreciate, build a following, and either distribute physical newspapers or magazines, or create an online local news site. The personal touch will go a long way, and you can fund the venture by convincing local businesses to advertise.

5 – Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers are sent assignments to visit local stores and perform certain tasks to evaluate the level of service they receive. You may be given a budget to spend to buy items, or simply be paid for the task itself. It isn’t always regular work, but can earn you a little extra money every now and then.

Search for mystery shopping jobs or try Marketforce.

6 – Online Surveys

Swagbucks and other similar sites offer points for performing small tasks which can be as simple as playing a game or watching a video. You can convert points into Amazon gift cards or, in some cases, receive payments via PayPal.

Sign up and start!

7 – Party or Wedding Planning

Good at organizing things and don’t mind talking to people on the phone? Help people plan the perfect party or wedding by arranging everything for them. Often different packages based on your level of involvement, and see how easy it is to make someone’s day.

8 – Offer services on Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, or other sites

Yes, it’s freelancing, but you don’t have to do something boring. You can do voiceover work, draw pictures, even write apps and build websites. Alternatively, why not use the services on Fiverr to help you build an income through one of the other ideas on this page?

9 – Provide Udemy tutorials for something you can already do

Teaching music, showing people how to juggle, teaching JavaScript…anything you want to learn is on Udemy. If you have a skill, you can show other people how to get results – or learn something new yourself!

10 – Sell handmade items and crafts on Etsy

Can you make something? From knitting to electronics, art to industry, if you can make it you can probably sell it on Etsy. Vintage pieces and modern items sit side by side in the wonderful online marketplace.

11 – Coaching

Can you be a life, business or sports coach? With the right accreditation, you can start helping people become the best version of themselves, and make a little money while you do it. And remember, you can do this remotely via video calls!

12 – Dropshipping

On any site where you can sell something, you may be able to use dropshipping to your advantage – especially if you run your own website. Dropshipping is simply selling something that is fulfilled by another person, so you don’t need to keep items in stock – someone else does it for you. Check out aliexpress.com for ideas!

13 – Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (or VA) help people and businesses by performing tasks for them. A little like a concierge service, you may be asked to make an appointment or find out some information – the range of tasks can be very interesting.

Find out more here.

14 – Advertising on cars

If you own a vehicle and drive it, you can earn money by advertising products or businesses on the side of it. Full wraps may be available or just simple magnetic signs. See examples here.

15 – Car flipping

Or house flipping, or anything else – if you can find something to buy at a low price, perhaps spend a little to improve it, and sell it on quickly, you’ve just flipped something. Websites are an interesting item to flip – have a look at Flippa.